Brushless Cars

Better without Brushess

Brushless motors will make future energy efficient cars a reality! The technology has already taken off in miniature RC cars and trucks and is being used in many applications that you may not be aware of. Where can you find a brushless car? You may be surprised to learn that brushless motors are a key element in making the Prius  or any other efficient electric car today.

Brushless motors are used not only for power but also used to conserve potential energy while breaking, or in other words it’s also used as a generator. If you’re wanting to more about brushless motors, chances are you can ask any hobbyist and get plenty of information. Brushless motors are used in just about every RC Vehicle from trucks to boats to planes because their small footprint and large quantities of power allow them to do things that brushed motors can’t. Brushless motors and lithium polymer batteries have allowed a whole generation of cheap RCs to emerge.

Brushless Motors

The Brushless Car is so special because of the Brushless Motor. It’s powered by a direct current source. Brushless motors require more complicated speed controllers that normal motors, yet they can brag efficiency of over 80%, almost triple that of the combustion engine.

Brushless Motor Design

The brushless motor is built inside out in comparison to a traditional DC motor. The electromagnets do not move, instead the permanent magnets rotate. The armature remains static. More complicated Brushless motors contain sensors, allowing the speed controller to always know the position of the motor rotor, and as a result allows for a more fluid movement.

Technology for a Greener Future

Because the technology offers 80% efficiency. The more things we’re able to use it in, the better off the world is going to be, the lower your energy costs are going to be. Requiring less energy and doing more work helps to bridge the gap so that we will require less energy until renewable energies such as wind and solar become more viable and can replace carbon emitting methods of producing energy.