1/10 Scale Motor in Monster Trucks

Summit VXL 3s

This winter I’ve been experimenting using a Single VXL system designed for use in 1/10 scale vehicles to see how it performs in monster trucks. I’ve done a lot of different gearing and I’ve found that if it’s cold enough the 1/10 scale Traxxas VXL motor does just fine!

The Gearing that works best

I’ve found that the best setup is on 3 cells (of course) and in low gear. Below is a video of this setup(yellow) vs a stock Summit(red).

The Worst

I like the setup alot, mostly cause I can use lipos and it has a lot of power with not much weight. What I hate about this setup is that since the setup has no sensor, at times the truck won’t move without a kick start. This isn’t much fun at all and will probably be what gets me to put the stock motor back into my summit.

Single VXL in a E-Maxx

I’ve done the same thing with my E-maxx and had the same amount of success. I would say it probably works a little better in the E-maxx just because it weighs a bit less than a Summit.


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