AR.Drone Brushless Motors

Brushless Drone MotorThe popular AR.Drone uses 4 brushless motors. The Drone motors are available from places like amazon for about the price you expect for a brushless motor and controller, if not cheaper at around $40. If you’ve been buying RC’s from walmart you may think that’s a lot of cash. If you’ve ever purchased a real rc car then you’ll know that $40 is a bargain (assuming the quality is decent).

Each of the AR. Drone’s 4 blades spins at 28,000 RPM using about 15 watts of energy.

If you happen to already have these motors… a little tip. The motors are plenty good quality but the chip that is used and mounted with the motor is prone to damage with heavy vibration. Do not allow the drone to be jostled or it can damage the circuit boards that control your brushless motors. If you do have a failed drone motor system your led for that particular motor will turn red rather than green and the startup sequence will fail to nudge the blade as it does each time you plug in your battery.


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