Brushless Motor Makes Brushless Mower a Winner

Not everyone can afford a full size brushless car like the Nissan leaf, but having a quality self propelled Electric Mower with a Brushless drive is possible for under $500. The mower touts a few advantages over other mowers such as:
Electric Mower

  • Over 80% efficient.
  • Comes with the option of a solar panel.
  • Only front wheel drive Mower.
  • Removable Batteries.

Because the Mower is driven by a brushless motor it can out perform most other mowers using higher voltage batteries. It’s also incredibly more efficient than other cordless mowers, meaning that it’s more green than any other mower out there. You can easily take all of your mowing off the grid by charging batteries with a solar panel.

Quiet Mowing

Not only are do the brushless electric mowers make for less CO2 pollution, they also make for less sound pollution. They are much quieter than the older gas driven models they’re replacing. So act now and buy yourself one of the only brushless mowers on the market.


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