Taking into Account the Cost of a Battery

cost of batteryYour savings when choosing to use an electric scooter are rather substantial. Especially when you just take into account the cost of electricity vs the cost of fuel. However, it’s not a very fair argument to only take fuel into account. The cost of a battery is rather substantial. Even if you are talking about a small 36V scooter the cost of a cheap lead acid replacement battery is $130. If you’re wanting something to last you longer (both in lifetime and runtime) and actually be cheaper per cycle you’re looking at more of a $570 price tag. So when you think about the battery as well is a scooter still worth it? Let’s do the math.

The $570 is going to get you 1000 60% cycles. A full cycle would be 20AH so the lifetime of the battery should give you 12,000AH or 36v x 12,000AH = 432 Kilowatt Hours. From my prior experiment I learned that 200WH got me to work and back which was 6 miles or 33.3 WH per mile. That means that the 432 kWH or the $570 will get me 12,972 miles. or the cost will be 4-5 cents per mile or for my commute another $1.20 per week. The savings per mile drop from 23 cents per mile to only 20 cents per mile, not too dramatic and most importantly we’re still saving money.

So when factoring the cost of using electric transportation you’ll also want to remember the cost of the battery. It’s also smart to do this when comparing batteries.




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