Costs of an Electric Car

home charging stationRight off the bat you’ll learn there are some high costs associated with your electric car. The first expense will be the electric filling station for your garage. There are tax credits that can soften the blow and the cost can be financed with your car, but it’s something you should be aware of when buying an electric car.

There are many cost benefits of an electric car. The most painfully obvious being the cost of fuel. Gas prices are currently sitting at $4 a gallon. That’s expected to rise over the summer to 5 or $6 a gallon. In an efficient gas driven vehicle that will get you 35 miles. To go the same 35 miles in an electric car it would cost you closer to eighty cents.


ford focus motor compartment Not surprisingly, you take away an engine and a lot of the maintenance costs go away as well. There is no more engine oil, radiator, air filter, starter or other parts that keep an engine cool and lubricated.

Time will tell what new maintenance we will have to beeping on our new electric cars, but many of the old maintenance tasks will be left behind with crank starting.


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