E-Force Electric ATV

e-force electric ATVBelieve it or not electric ATV’s like the E-Force electric ATV have have been out in production for a few years now. They started emerging around 2008. The E-Force isn’t alone in the class of Electric ATV’s, but it has emerged as the only electric ATV to survive the gas powered competition as fuel prices returned to relatively normal levels. Now, as fuel prices begin to surge again, the E-Force may be the ATV that thrives.

The advantage of electric ATV’s such as the E-Force is that they have better low end torque – three times the amount of torque as their gas powered counterparts. The torque in RC cars results in the ability to do wheelies or standing backflips, but in the case of an ATV it allows you to easily plow heavy snow, climb steep grades and feel heavy acceleration from a standstill.
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Because the use of heavy torque can also quickly drain batteries the torque can be governed by a switch to optimize your drive for longer runs or sport runs. The E-Force uses Lead acid batteries which are the cheaper option over newer lithium technologies, but the manufacturer claims that the batteries will last around 500 cycles.

Shifting isn’t necessary (or available) as electric motors can take you from 0 to full speed all with the same amount of torque. Reversing the drive is done simply by flipping a switch. The result is less moving parts and less maintenance. ATV’ers will also notice that the E-Force runs comparatively quiet which is a great plus for trail riding where you don’t want to disturb the wildlife.

While skeptics point out the flaws in the technology of Electric ATV’s there are many advantages. Companies like Polaris have noticed the advantages and will be coming out with more electric vehicles (Polaris currently has one electric RZR model).


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