Electric Car Charging Stations

electric car charging StationYou’ve already seen these electric car charging stations in the commercials put out by GE. It’s true that GE has been waiting, preparing, and investing in the coming of the electric car and they’re really hoping it will pay off.

So I’m sure you’re wondering when the right time is to get an electric car charging station, you know since very few people actually have the car. Well there is a federal tax credit out that will pay for half of the station, or pay out $2,000 per station. That’s a pretty hefty rebate for these electric car charging stations, but it expires at the end of 2010 so you’d better act quick if you plan on having an electric charging station for one of the coming electric cars.

Of  course if these stations follow the trend of other technologies they will look like dinosaurs in less than 5 years. The reality is that they are probably going to be closer related to your gas pump than your iPod; very utilitarian and dangerous. The class 2 chargers will be 220 volts AC while the class 3 will be almost 500 volts DC for quick charging.

For now there aren’t going to be any breakthroughs in the fill up process, you’ll grab the plug and attach it to your car much like you do with the gas pump. But perhaps within the decade you’ll see chargers that are pads you place under your vehicle. They’ll charge using the same technology you see charging much smaller devices such as your phone or wii remotes by placing them on a special surface. Instead of having to be attached to the surface these pads will be able to charge the vehicle from over a foot away.

Of course this is only the foreseeable future. For all we know electric cars may become just like blue ray discs; obsolete before they even become main stream.


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