Emaxx Single VXL Brushless Setup

Emaxx Waterproof

Emaxx Waterproof

I broke down this week and decided that for my Emaxx truck I would just use a single VXL system. So I got a VXL system just for the EMAXX and a 14 tooth pinion, hoping that will allow me to go as fast as I’ll want in the snow without overheating anything. Here it is pushing a snow plow. The VXL Brushless Motor should give me plenty of power during the winter and I can use my sensored brushless Novak HV system during the summer.

If your Looking to Do a Single VXL System

single vxl Emaxx

single vxl Emaxx

Single VXL Wiring

Single VXL Wiring

Hooking one up is easy! Like I said you probably want to by a pinion with less teeth so that the motor doesn’t over heat. This means the car won’t go quite as fast, but the 150+ that you spent on a motor will last you longer. The install is pretty simple, I’ll be posting pictures of my install soon.

Single VXL on 3S Lipo

Wanna see what you can do in an EMAXX with just one VXL motor and 3 cells?

Here’s what it can do in the winter time.


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  2. looks very slow

  3. Yeah, it’s slow. That’s why we’re all hoping that Traxxas will come out with a VXL system built for vehicles like the Emaxx or E-Revo. It can still do a wheelie though and it’s waterproof with a lipo cutoff built in, just a little less performance than stock with much better efficiency.

  4. how do u drive in snow? do u have to seal everythin up or does it come like that?What is the top speed of a stock one of theese single VXL’s with the brushless set up.

  5. The VXL and the Emaxx radio and servos are all sealed to be waterproof. The top speed on 3 cells is around 20 MPH. They don’t come stock like this, but they are still waterproof and have the same performance. This way you just get a little more run time. I have an emaxx and added a VXL system to get it here.

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