Fastest Brushless Car

Fastest Brushless RC Car xo1This year we’ll see the birth of the Fastest Brushless Car out of the box: the Traxxas XO-1 supercar. The powerhouse that will drive this RC car faster than another is a mamba monster on steroids and 6 lipo cells which come with the car. So all you’re needing is an iPod touch or iPhone to get your car going up over 100 MPH and the fastest brushless car on the market.

The selling price seems high for a lot of people over $1k, but if you think about it it’s not very high. Say you buy a summit for just under $600. Of course you never stop just with the new car, so you get a couple good lipos for $120 then get a Mamba Monster or tekin brushless system to give you all the power you’ll ever need with a price tag around $300. All of the sudden you’ve easily broken the $1k mark.

When you take into account everything you get with this car… the upgraded motor & esc, lipos standard, performance & utility sensors. And the R&D that designed a car to go up over 100MPH along with the title of the fastest brushless car, the XO-1 supercar is a pretty sweet deal.


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