Green Car key to Green Agenda

electric carObama took advantage of the gulf oil spill crisis to tout the need to get off oil for energy; the need to have a completely green energy source and lifestyles with green cars. They key to making the transition to a green source of energy is making it possible to have a life on only the energy that green sources such as solar and wind provide. In order to do this the average American citizen is going to have to become much much more efficient as those renewable sources are only a small percentage of our current energy use. There are several road blocks in the way to a greener vision- Hot showers, cool homes- and Americas love with the car.

President Obama has already talked about the need to make it hurt in order t
o get people off of the inefficient activities in life. That’s why he talked about cap and Trade. Cap and Trade is what will bring the pain, that will magnify the cost we currently spend on energy. President Obama’s even talked about the need for cost’s of gas to slowly go up. That’s where people are going to start realizing the place they have to move to is giving up luxuries such as keeping your house just the right temperature and moving to green vehicles such as the Nissan Leaf.

Government subsidies will even make it more affordable for to people to own green cars, and some California laws already in place leave almost no other choice than to have green cars such as hybrids or electrics. So whether it’s for now or when the cap and trade taxes really hit you’ve gotta learn more about the green car.


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