How Much Can I Save with an Electric Scooter?

When looking to buy an electric scooter you may find yourself making the claim that it will pay for itself, I did. Innitially the claim made sense. Before using the scooter I’d have to use a fairly innefficent vehicle to get to work. The fuel economy was around 15 MPG and gas was around $3.50/gal. The commute was 6 miles round trip. So cost’s for a week of standard transportation were:

(6×5)/15 = 2 Gal @ $3.50/gal = $7/weekAfter using an electric scooter to commute to work here were my findings on it’s fuel economy:

So if I was to round the energy to be 200 Watt hours a day the cost for a week commute using the electric scooter was:

5x200wh= 1kwh or $0.12

So the savings come out to be $6.88 a week. My Super turbo 800 cost $500 so I’m looking at 73 weeks of riding and the scooter will haveĀ  (30×73) 2,190 miles on it.


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