RC Brushless Motors

RC brushless motors supply enough power that they can make large monster trucks to standing backflips. RC brushless motors come in two flavors-
RC brushless motor

Sensored RC Motors

Sensored motors have sensors within them that communicate with the ESC. This information is mainly the position of the rotor so that the ESC can supply just the right about of energy at the right times to be as efficient and run as smooth as possible. This technology virtually removes “clogging” . There are a few systems out there, two that I recommend are Novak and Tekin. If you look at the prices it’s probably pretty clear that Tekin is a little higher quality and higher power, but Novak makes some good products as long as you “play nice”.

Sensored motors are great for crawling because of how smooth they run.

Sensorless RC Motors

Sensorless RC Motors are a little more common because they cost less, and RC hobbyists are so concerned about going fast that having the vehicle accelerate quickly and cheaply as possible is all that’s required.

Some examples of Sensorless RC Motors are the Mamba Monster and Traxxas VXL systems.