Super Turbo 1000-Lithium

Super Turbo 1000-LithiumI love the Super turbo 1000-Lithium! As an electric RC enthusiast I always laugh when people ask if my cars are gas powered. I always think, “No, they’re better than gas powered.” The same level of quality has come to electric scooters and a great example is the Super turbo 1000-Lithium.

The Super turbo 1000-Lithium is offered by super cycles and scooters. If you check the Internet for reviews you’ll be very pleased with what you find on them. The specs on the Super turbo 1000-Lithium are even better than scooters such as the iPed that sell over $2,000 while the Super turbo 1000-Lithium is offered at $999.
1000 Watt Scooter
The reason that this specific scooter is better than it’s popular counterpart, the Super Turbo 800-Elite, is because of it’s LIFE batteries rather than lead acid batteries. They weigh 1/4 of their lead acid counterparts, charge 1.5x faster, and can be charged 4x more over their lifespan. The scooter also has a 1000 watt motor rather than 800 watt, but the battery is by far the biggest upgrade and crucial in allowing the scooter to reach speeds over 30 MPH.


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  1. I am 1 week away from purchasing this scooter, and am hoping to post enough requests that someone will tell me about a better scooter. From the research I have done over the past month, the 2 scooters offered by Super Cycles & Scooters (800w & 1000w-lithium) are hands down the best electric scooters in the market. If there is another electric scooter in the same class that I should consider, I wish someone would point me to it. Thanks!


  2. Honest beener I’ve done the research you are doing and the body is the same on a lot of the Chinese manufacturer’s scooter but the one from super scooters comes with great device and quality accessories. Shwin and the other manufactures don’t even come close. Plus the the bigger tires make for a better, more stable ride.

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