Super Turbo 800 Elite Electric Scooter Review

We received our Super Turbo 800 Elite last week. In short we’ve really enjoyed it. The scooter has gotten me to work successfully multiple times already so it’s already a couple of bucks into paying for itself!

After our initial review and use of our electric scooter, here are a few things I wanted to point out:


The wiring on the battery is very thick, but progressively shrinks as you go to the speed control (brain) and then to the motor. There is also a loose wire off of the speed control intended for the brake light. When you pull either brake the brain will apply the battery voltage to the “brake light” plug.

Water Issues

No steps have been taken to waterproof or make the scooter water resistant. In fact, there is plenty of ventilation that makes it so you need to be even more cautious. The main area of concern is the “brain” at the front of the scooter. I’ll be making adjustments so that it can at least get me through some light rain.


One of the things that set’s this scooter apart from it’s competition is it’s power. Super Cycle Sales claims it to have a “more accurate rating” than other scooters. From my tests with a watt meter I’ve found that to be very true. In fact the scooter peaks out at 1200+ watts, so 800 watt rating is more the the RMS or continuous consumption or consumption you would have after the scooter reaches it’s top speed and continues at that top speed.

If you’d like to get a Super Turbo 800 Elite or it’s bigger brother, the Super Turbo 1000 – Lithium, They’re both available at Amazon.


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  1. Honest review, and appreciated for sure. I am about to purchase a scooter from Super Cycles & Scooters, which is the actual manufacturer of both the Super Turbo 800 Elite, and the Super Turbo 1000-Lithium. I cannot make up my mind as to which one I should get. The 800w is $500, and the 1000w is $999. The difference in price is almost completely due to the lithium battery. Regardless of which one I pick, I am comfortable that I made a wise decision, since either of these two electric scooters will blow the dorrs off their competition. I mean, the 800w, at $500, is faster and more powerful than other scooters costing 3,000

  2. I’ll be posting this week about how I added a lithium battery to my 800. The speed on a flat surface increased 2 mph and it’s much lighter. How much does that top speed mean to you?

  3. if i put electrical tape over all the places where wires conect into something wold it then be waterproof. beacause on super cycles and scooters they sell a splash gruard so it must be meant for some water

  4. Im sure there are steps you could take to make it more water resistant, but Im pretty sure I saw in the manual to keep it well away from water. Things like liquid tape strategically placed could help, but its too big of a risk to take… I dont want to do all the work it takes to debug and replace electrical components. If you experiment with waterproofing the scooter Id love to hear how it went for you!

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