Super Turbo 800 Seat Review

On of the nice free features of the Super Turbo 800 for super scooters is the seat. It snugly fits into the hole at the rear of the scooter and if you’re not like me and can get it out without wrestling it with your whole body for 5 minutes then you can choose to bolt in the seat as well.

Today was one of those mornings where I couldn’t quite get the seat out and ended up taking it to work with me. On the drive to work I decided to give it a try at 20 MPH. Everything became a bit to wobbly for my liking. I felt too close the the handlebars and I’m not a large person. Coming home the winds were 30+ and the benefits of the seat were clear as I could reduce my wind resistance in half by sitting down.

I find the seat to be most convenient for pulling children, either by hooking on things such as a wagon to the post, or by sitting in the seat and locking my knees around my son to make sure he’s secure.

The actual seat is comfy enough for short rides although you probably want to upgrade the seat portion if you’re looking to take long rides. It’s convenient that it fits just about any aftermarket seat.


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