Super Turbo Elite 800 Turbo Vs. Economy

I’ve been able to play around with the Super Turbo 800 and the Watt’s Up Meter and discover some interesting findings. When I first got the scooter I wasn’t really sure what mode was turbo and what mode was economy.

After hooking up the meter I got a much better idea of the differences between Turbo & Economy Mode.

Eco mode essentially “governs” the scooter to only use 650 watts. That’s enough for you to maintain 20 MPH in ideal conditions. In turbo mode the Super Turbo 800 Elite uses all most 1300 watts to quickly accelerate you to 21 or 22 MPH, that’s almost the 35 Amps: enough to blow the fuse. It’s very easy to see the scooter reach 33 Amps. Well in eco mode it governs so that all that extra wattage isn’t “wasted” in acceleration. So what does it mean in the real world?

My Eco/Turbo Test Results

I found that using the scooter in turbo mode to go 3 miles used 2.8 Amp Hours. The trip took about 11 minutes. Doing the same trip in Eco mode resulted in a 2 minute longer trip and only 2.6 Amp hours used. Not huge savings. In my case it would be .4 Amp hours or 16 watt hours a day in my commute back and forth to work. To convert that to something more meaning full it’s 16/1000 of a kilowatt hour or 1/5th of a penny.

Making Eco Mode Matter

For the cost I’ll take the inefficiency and stay in turbo mode. Heck, I’d like to get an ever faster motor! Eco mode is really just something you’d use if you want to accelerate slower or not have the pull of acceleration be so strong. Still, I haven’t given up on Eco Mode. It can still save me watts hours which matters when I have a limited capacity as I do with my lithium batteries. They are only 4.5 AMP hours. We’ll see if the lower weight and eco mode can allow me to make the the trip back and forth to work with just 4.5 Amp hours rather than the 5.2 required with a lead acid battery.

Here’s the video on turbo & Eco mode to come!


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