Super Turbo Scooter Light Review

I like a lot of things on the Super Turbo 800 Elite: The disk breaks, 20 MPH top speed, long battery life. One thing I’m not that impressed with is the LED headlight. This video is a comparison between the super turbo elite 800 scooters’ LED light vs other LED lights like the Fenix PD30 and Rayovac 300 lumen Lantern.

I was blown away how much of an improvement the rayovac lantern was over the stock light. The lantern was modified with the top and some of the body taken off. If you wanted to attach it on your scooter it wouldn’t take much effort to take the batteries off as well. The only trick would be taking a light that runs on 4.5 volts and wiring it to a 36V scooter.


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