Traxxas Titan: 309.99 Shipped

traxxas titanWondering how you can get the Traxxas Titan shipped to you right after it’s released for just $309.99? It’s easy, and since the release keeps getting pushed back it means you have plenty of time to go through the process. All you’ve got to do is sign up to be a Tower Hobbies club Member. Once you sign up they’ll send coupon codes to your email that will get you $60 off your order totaling $300 or more.

When you take the $60 off tower’s already low price of 369.99 you end up getting the Brushless Titan Boat for under $310. That’s about the same price point as comparable brushless 6s systems, only you get the system plus the fastest out of the box boat around in it’s class. I’d say take advantage of it while it lasts but the great thing is you can sign up for it any time and it’s only $10 but it pays off with your first order as you get free shipping on anything over $150.


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