Traxxas Titan Boat Review

Evolution of the Traxxas Titan

traxxas titan boatThe Traxxas Titan Boat is now the Traxxas Spartan. It is due out in November and will be one of the biggest leaps in electric RC since the electronic speed control. People have been using brushless motors like the Mamba Monster to get the 6 lipo cell power they wanted. The downfall of other motors was they lacked the go anywhere ability that Traxxas waterproof motors provide.

The Titan Boat is the first vehicle to have a brushless system ready for 6s and just about 100% waterproof, and if it does fail you have Traxxas support backing it up.

Traxxas is becoming the leader in providing higher grade ready to run vehicles, and the Titan isn’t an exception. The big question lies in what comes next. What are the future plans for the 6s waterproof brushless system? We’ll probably know by the time the snow starts falling and this brushless boat is back in storage.

Traxxas Titan Boat Review

As I covered already, the Titan’s electrical system is one of a kind. The placement of the system is also one of a kind as it’s easily removable. That’s right, it fits into a tray that can be removed from the hull to be easily worked on. We’ll surly be seeing this breakthrough in other boats soon.

Titan Brushless Boat Pics

Traxxas Titan Removable TrayTitan Removable Electronicstitan body clips

The Official Traxxas Video


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